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8 Fun Styling Tips For Sprucing Up Your Shelves

Shelves don’t just provide a practical way to store your belongings; they also add a stunning feature to any room that needs some TLC! Whether you have a shelving unit that's looking too cluttered or one that’s looking too empty, knowing how to style your shelves will make a world of difference. Read on to discover eight fun styling tips for sprucing up your shelves.

1. Decorate with artwork

Artwork works as a great statement piece on any shelf. Whether displaying family photos or posters in frames, framing them and popping them on your shelves will always look great. You could even change the artwork with the seasons, creating a different vibe in the room depending on the weather.

To prevent your artwork from cluttering up the shelves too much, place it towards the back. This leaves room at the front for other suggestions mentioned in this guide, eliminating the risk of creating an eyesore.

2. Add bookshelf speakers

If you want your shelves to have some practicality, we highly recommend getting bookshelf speakers. Bookshelf speakers are a form of speaker that is designed to sit on bookshelves, meaning they’ll fit in seamlessly without any awkward bumps and scrapes. Not only this, but bookshelf speakers will add a modern touch to any room, making your shelves look cooler than ever before!

3. Don’t overload with books

Back in the day, shelves were seen as nothing more than bookholders. After all, that’s where the name “bookshelf” originated from!

While bookshelves do look great with a handful of books on, overloading on the paperbacks is not always the best idea. Unless you’re creating a library room, less is always more when it comes to books.

The best way to avoid overloading books is to change how they are placed on the shelves. Instead of placing them next to each other, experiment with stacking. Place the more appealing-looking books in smaller stacks, making them well-known to people who walk into the room. If you’re really serious about your book stacking, you can even stack them in groups of color.

4. Experiment with subtle objects

As mentioned previously, it’s always wise to place larger objects at the back of your bookshelves. This allows you to open up space at the front for smaller, subtle objects.

From family heirlooms to pieces collected from past events, putting smaller objects on your bookshelves will act as a nice keepsake. If your room has a particular style, you can tie these smaller objects into the theme of the room. This allows you to work with different textures and colors, figuring out exactly what suits your personal style the best. Don’t be afraid to try new things; you might be surprised by the finished outcome!

5. Grow your own plants

Growing your own indoor plants is both a fun and extremely rewarding hobby. And, as you might have guessed, plants look great on shelves!

Whether you decide to create a full indoor jungle or would rather dot the occasional plants on your shelves, we can guarantee that they’ll completely transform your room. They’ve also been found to improve air quality, adding to the numerous list of benefits.

Don’t forget that the pot is just as important as the plant. Similarly to subtle objects, tie the plant pot in with the overriding theme of the room. Or, if you fancy making a statement, mix things up and go for something completely different. The choice is yours.

Top Tip: If you don’t want the added stress of growing indoor plants, opt for artificial ones instead. They look just as great and come in many wonderful shapes and sizes. Your guests will never know the difference!

6. Stack, stack, stack!

We’ve briefly touched on the power of stacking books, but this can apply to a whole range of other objects, too. In fact, you can combine the two together to create the ultimate stack.

If your stack of books looks like it’s missing something, consider placing a smaller decorative item on top. This tip doesn’t have to be limited to bookshelves; try it in other areas of the home and see what you can do.

7. Metallic objects transform any space

Adding a pop of color is all the rage at the moment, but if this isn’t your vibe, consider trying out hints of metallic. You don’t have to go too flashy here, but mixing metals can give off an incredibly calming and stylish effect. From gold and silver to rose gold and brass, there are plenty of shiny objects to experiment with!

8. Make a statement

Sprucing up your shelves nearly enough always comes down to making some sort of statement. Whether doing this through colorful book stacks or displaying artwork, focus on one statement piece and make it the center of attention. This will help to distract from any clutter or disorganized shelves.

If making a statement isn’t something you want to do, consider giving each shelf a “theme” instead. This not only makes organization a piece of cake but will also add layers of diversity to your shelving unit. Whether organizing books by genre or creating a different aesthetic on each shelf, there are plenty of ways to go about this.

How are your shelves looking?

We have a whole lot of inspiration for bookshelf setups up our sleeves, but we hope these eight styling tips provided a great place to start. The trick is to experiment with different organizational hacks and objects until you’re happy with the finished result. Always remember that less is more, and sometimes, a speaker or plant will do all the talking. Enjoy!

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