The True Meaning Behind Frank Ocean’s Blonde

Blonde is one of the most emotive and provocative albums released in the past decade. In fact, few albums have resulted in as many questions and as much intrigue following their release.

What Is The Difference Between Active And Passive Speakers?

One of the best ways to boost the sound quality of your record player setup is to invest in a new set of speakers. And if you’re looking for new loudspeakers for your home, you will almost certainly come across the terms active and passive.

25 Unique Gifts For Music And Vinyl Lovers

Over the years, gifts between family and friends have included headphones, records, CDs, concert tickets and musician biographies. My parents even gave me a Yamaha keyboard for my 18th birthday. However, these days, finding a gift for a music lover has never been easier.

The Most Controversial Album Covers – Ever!

From rock and roll to rap, pop right through to folk, it’s pretty impossible to find a corner of the music industry that hasn’t been faced with some controversy. This isn’t surprising, considering music provides a space for artists to get creative and express themselves however they like!

8 Fun Styling Tips For Sprucing Up Your Shelves

Shelves don’t just provide a practical way to store your belongings; they also add a stunning feature to any room that needs some TLC! Whether you have a shelving unit that’s looking too cluttered or one that’s looking too empty, knowing how to style your shelves will make a world of difference. Read on to discover eight fun styling tips for sprucing up your shelves.

7 Ways To Level Up Your Record Player Setup

Let’s get real here – record player setups don’t come cheap. If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably invested a whole lot of time and money into getting the very best sound system possible. And, while this might have not been completely necessary, the music experience it brings makes it all worth it.

8 Things You Need For An Unforgettable Outdoor Movie Night

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, there becomes an increasing need to spend time outdoors. But, instead of taking a trip to the park, why not try something completely different? What you need is a totally unique experience that’ll get talked about for years to come. An outdoor movie night provides exactly that!

20 Bookshelf Setups and Organizational Tips For Music Lovers

If you’re a devoted music lover like us, you’ve probably spent many years transforming your home into a music-themed sanctuary. Whether you have a vinyl collection big enough to fill a museum or a speaker system like no other, having these little quirks throughout the home is enough to remind anyone about your passions.