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What Is A Turntable Platter Mat And How Does It Work?

As you might be aware, the platter mat is an essential component of your turntable. It ensures the sound quality of your record player is as you would expect and limits the impact that vibrations have on your record playing experience.

What Is The Difference Between Active And Passive Speakers?

One of the best ways to boost the sound quality of your record player setup is to invest in a new set of speakers. And if you’re looking for new loudspeakers for your home, you will almost certainly come across the terms active and passive.

Pros And Cons Of Wireless Earbuds

There are so many ways to tune into your favorite tracks while you’re on the move. Some swear by studio headphones, while others prefer something a little more unassuming. And there’s no doubt about it; wireless earbuds are leading the way when it comes to design, music quality, and ease of listening!

How Much Are Vintage Record Players Worth?

Before the era of CDs, MP3s and streaming, the chart show on a Sunday night was the anchor to the week. Whatever song hit number 1 that week was guaranteed to be sold out by noon on Monday in every record store for miles around. 

What is RPM? Guide To a 3-Speed Record Player & RPM

Once you’re comfortable with your record player set-up and how to work a turntable, you can start to look into the finer details. Like how to check your knowledge of RPM. No, that’s not a misheard lyrics test of REM, Athens, Georgia’s most refined. Nor related to the magic numbers from Lost, either, since you’re asking.

How To Make Your Home The Ultimate Cinematic Experience

Audiophiles and film buffs will tell you that the experience is all about the sound. The depth of sound on a vinyl record can take you to the heart of a concert recorded live, as it happened. The 3D capabilities of audio recording methods such as surround sound or binaural sound can make any audio experience much more immersive. You are there in the mix.

How Do You Connect A Turntable To A Speaker?

You’ve decided to give vinyl a go, and you’re fully invested in the endeavor. Start by taking a big breath and thinking about as little as possible concerning your iPhone playlist. We’ll run you through this process of connecting record player speakers, so you’ll be listening to your latest vinyl in no time!

Does A Turntable Need Speakers?

Turntables with built-in speakers are relatively inexpensive, and if we ignore them, all turntables require separate speakers. A turntable with individual drivers will provide significantly superior sound quality and music listening experience compared to a record player with small built-in speakers. Many people prefer a turntable with separate speakers to a record player with built-in speakers for various reasons.