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8 Things You Need For An Unforgettable Outdoor Movie Night

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, there becomes an increasing need to spend time outdoors. But, instead of taking a trip to the park, why not try something completely different? What you need is a totally unique experience that’ll get talked about for years to come. An outdoor movie night provides exactly that!

This guide will uncover everything you could possibly need for an unforgettable outdoor movie night.

1. Large high-quality projector

First things first – you need something to play the movie on. Due to the rise in popularity of outdoor movie nights, garden projectors are actually really easy to come by. They are far less expensive than they used to be, yet continue to provide enough brightness for a crisp image.

A simple search for a garden projector will leave you with hundreds of options to choose from. Be sure to read reviews and get one that’s suitable for the size of your garden – the last thing you want is a screen that’s too small!

Top Tip: Garden projectors are graded by something called a “lumen measurement”. The lumen measurement helps to establish how clear the projected image will be when in bright conditions. For outdoor movie nights, opt for one that’s above 3000 lumens.

2. Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

To enhance your movie experience, we highly recommend syncing your projector up with a Bluetooth speaker. While a lot of projectors have built-in speakers, they are often cheaply made and too weak for an outdoor environment. Bluetooth speakers can pack a punch and take the movie to a whole new level.

There are many different types of Bluetooth speakers to choose from, but when outdoors, it’s best to opt for a waterproof one. This will ensure it stays safe in the event of poor weather, leaving you with high-quality sound no matter what.

3. Comfy seating

Let’s be real here – sitting on the ground isn’t comfortable, especially for the whole duration of a movie. With this in mind, create a comfy seating area that both you and your guests can relax in.

Firstly, lay the groundsheet down so that you’re protected against moisture from the grass. You can then get as creative as you like, whether it be through tying up hammocks to scattering some beanbags. More budget-friendly options include camp chairs and pillows.

Top Tip: Comfort is important, but so is a good view. Keep this in mind when choosing where to create your seating area. All guests should be in clear view of the screen.

4. Blankets for warmth

Unless hosting on an exceptionally warm evening, chances are it might get chilly as night starts to fall. Blankets will solve this issue during the summer, so scatter them around, just in case it gets chilly. Your guests can then get as snuggled as they like while enjoying the ambience of your epic movie night.

5. Fairy lights

Speaking of ambience, why not add an extra cozy vibe with the help of fairy lights? The great thing about fairy lights is that they aren’t bright enough to distract from the movie, but still practical enough for when the sun goes down. You can even get battery-operated fairy lights if you don’t have outdoor sockets, making them accessible to use in absolutely any garden.

Top Tip: Drape your fairy lights along fence panels or scatter them along a pathway to mimic the light-up stairs you see in actual cinema rooms.

6. Good weather!

A little bit of rain won’t hurt anybody, but unfortunately, torrential weather conditions might ruin your movie night. While weather can be unpredictable, keep your eye on the forecast so that you know whether to reschedule or not. Heavy wind will affect the sound quality of your movie, and heavy rain will be very unpleasant to sit in!

To prevent a bit of unexpected weather from ruining the night, make sure that you have umbrellas and waterproof jackets on standby. If worst comes to worst, invite your guests inside until the poor weather clears.

7. Movie-themed food

Grabbing a giant bucket of popcorn or a foot-long hotdog is all part of the cinema experience. With this in mind, don’t forget to provide your guests with some snacks as they watch the movie!

From movie-themed bite-sized food to a full-on BBQ, there are lots of things that you can do. Just make sure that you choose something that isn’t loud to eat; there’s nothing worse than hearing the rustle of a packet as you try to watch a movie…

8. After-movie entertainment

As the movie draws to an end, the weather might still be warm enough to stay outside. Instead of rushing your friends home, why not have some activities ready and waiting? This could be anything from playing the best movie soundtracks on your speaker to hosting a movie-themed quiz.

Whatever you choose to do, providing some after-movie entertainment will help to make the night even more memorable. It will be hard to top this one!

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Here’s to a summer full of movie nights

Now that you know what it takes to host an outdoor movie night, what’s stopping you from making them a frequent occurrence? To keep them all as engaging and memorable as each other, give the night a theme based on the film you’re watching. This will be sure to add an element of surprise.

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