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20 Bookshelf Setups and Organizational Tips For Music Lovers

If you’re a devoted music lover like us, you’ve probably spent many years transforming your home into a music-themed sanctuary. Whether you have a vinyl collection big enough to fill a museum or a speaker system like no other, having these little quirks throughout the home is enough to remind anyone about your passions.

Expressing your love for music throughout the home is all well and good, but sometimes, it can all get too much. If you feel as though your space has become cluttered recently, this guide is for you. Read on to discover some inspiring bookshelf setups and organizational tips for music lovers.

Why are bookshelves so valuable to music lovers?

So, why are we focusing on bookshelves, you ask? Although a fairly boring object to be talking about, bookshelves are actually invaluable for music lovers.

With so many designs and sizes to choose from, bookshelves can home your favorite vinyl, record players, bookshelf speakers, and so on. Instead of having these items scattered on the floor or in hard-to-reach places, bookshelves keep them both organized and out of harm’s way.

How to organize your bookshelf

Us music lovers are big on aesthetics, meaning a cluttered bookshelf simply won’t do. There are many ways to organize your bookshelf so that it complements the rest of your room, rather than becoming an eyesore.

While our favorite bookshelf setups will help to inspire you (more on that very soon!), here are some top tips for when it comes to organizing your bookshelf:

  • Start from scratch: Empty your entire bookshelf, throwing away anything that serves no purpose. Starting with a blank canvas will give you a fresh mind and a greater sense of motivation.
  • Create backdrops: Cut up colored or patterned wallpaper and line it against the back of your bookshelf. This will add a pop of color to your room, without becoming too “in your face”.
  • Replace big items: Have you ever tried to make a shelf look artistic, only to find that it did the complete opposite? If this sounds all too familiar, try replacing the big items on your shelves with smaller items. Big objects like lampshades and ornaments often look far too cluttered when on a shelf.
  • Organize by color: Although a time-consuming task, organizing your vinyl records or music books by color always go down a treat. The brighter the colors, the better.
  • Avoid overstuffing: Less is always more. Avoid overstuffing your shelves, as this is a surefire way to make them look cluttered. Instead, take the aesthetic approach and place just a few items on each shelf.
  • Focus on the showstopper: If the main attraction on your bookshelf is a record player or speaker, let it sit in the limelight. Avoid putting any other objects around it.

Dive deeper into fun tips for styling your shelves here!

20 bookshelf setups that we love

Now that you know how to keep your shelves organized, it’s time to get some inspiration from existing setups. Here are 20 bookshelf setups that we’d love to have in our home.

  1. Walnut shelves

Walnut is a wood that lots of people seem to be trying out at the moment. However, just one look at this setup proves why. We love how the vinyl collection on the wall diverts attention away from the storage, which is home to some plants and a lovely wine setup.

  1. Record store-inspired shelves

If you’re a fan of record stores, why not recreate one in your own home? This bookshelf setup has very much been inspired by record store shelving, allowing the owner to access whatever record they like in an instant. It’s so neat and compact!

  1. Clutter-free backdrop

This setup utilizes the type of backdrop we spoke about earlier. The lightly colored wallpaper compliments the white shelving and dainty objects, creating a welcoming space that’s free of any clutter.

  1. Color-coded dream

We weren’t joking when we said color coding always goes down a treat. This color-coded system goes down so well against all-black shelving, giving the room a pop of color without looking like a mess.

  1. The botanical beauty

This bookshelf setup is for all the plant lovers out there. If you feel as though your shelves look a bit bland, pop some hanging plants on them. Plants bring instant life to a once dull space.

  1. Geometric units

Geometric units are both fun to organize and nice to look at. If you’re looking to add a bit of character to a room, getting some of these funky-shaped units is a great place to start.

  1. Less is more

Floating shelves aren’t exactly a new invention, but we love how this setup takes the “less is more” approach. This is proof that you don’t have to use every inch of your shelving space; instead, dot your speaker and records in different areas, giving them room to breathe.

  1. Floating display cases

This is a slightly more complex idea that we want to install immediately. Floating display cases take up no room whatsoever and are great for showing off your most favorite items.

  1. From top to bottom

If you have a lot of items that need organizing, consider lining a whole wall with a shelving unit. As you can see, this “top to bottom” design has tonnes of storage space, but barely takes up any room.

  1. The stairway

If the space under your stairs allows it, turning the area into storage is a must. This setup is really subtle, yet has enough space for as much organization as your heart desires.

  1. Gallery wall

Instead of having a gallery wall of pictures, why not create a shelving gallery wall, instead? Similarly to the record store setup, dedicating a whole wall to shelving will allow you to “show off” your favorite items while keeping them in reach.

  1. Abstract tilt

If you’re a fan of the minimalism trend, this setup is for you. These abstract shelves might not hold much, but they sure look great when paired together on a wall.

  1. Bright and open

If you’re trying to organize a small room, white shelving will be your best friend. White shelves instantly make a room look brighter, allowing for the illusion of a bigger room.

  1. Rustic farmhouse

If you don’t have much room for landscape shelving, consider looking for portrait designs, instead. This rustic-inspired shelving takes up very little room, yet still has more than enough shelves for all your belongings.

  1. Hidden away

A lot of vintage bookshelves still have cupboards with glass windows. If this is a vibe you want, consider looking in charity shops or on second-hand websites. We particularly love how you can get a sneak peek of the items before opening the door.

  1. Circular fun

Circular shelves are all the rage at the minute and it’s clear to see why. This type of shelving will be a focal point in any room, helping to divert even more attention to your bookshelf speaker or vinyl collection. It’s a win-win.

  1. Gothic aesthetics

While we are big fans of white shelving, you can’t go wrong with darker colors in larger rooms. These dark shelves look like something out of Harry Potter, holding the ability to create a library in your very own home.

  1. Go for green

Green is another color that everyone’s obsessed with at the moment. If you love a pop of color, opt for colored shelving like this. You’ll never have to worry about finding interesting decor for a room again.

  1. Monochrome magic

If bright colors aren’t your thing, take a monochromatic approach, instead. This black and white setup looks super sleek and simple, adding just enough character to the room.

  1. Desk space

If you listen to music through the speaker while you work, consider getting a desk space that also contains shelving. The design of this one is ideal; you can use it as a table or utilize it as a desk if need be. The choice is yours.

With a whole lot of setups to take inspiration from, we hope turning your home into an organized space is as easy as can be.

Alex, a dedicated vinyl collector and pop culture aficionado, writes about vinyl, record players, and home music experiences for Upbeat Geek. Her musical roots run deep, influenced by a rock-loving family and early guitar playing. When not immersed in music and vinyl discoveries, Alex channels her creativity into her jewelry business, embodying her passion for the subjects she writes about vinyl, record players, and home.

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