About Upbeat Geek

Upbeat Geek is a place for everyone to come together and celebrate the very best in music. We are a team of vinyl collecting, headphone-wearing, audio loving enthusiasts, passionate about creating music-related content for all to enjoy. This all-you-need hub will cover every corner of the music world, guaranteeing to deliver:

Editor, avid aficionado of movies, tv, hip-hop, and comic books. Ryan heads up all content on Upbeat Geek. He’s continually writing up reviews, analyzes, and fun reads in the areas of hip-hop, comics, movies and tv. He has a background in digital marketing and UX design. Ryan enjoys exploring new places, listening to music and of course, watching the latest blockbuster at the local cinema.

Writer, devoted vinyl collector, pop culture and music fanatic. Keen music writer for Upbeat Geek, Alex keeps on top of all new music, vinyl releases and pop culture. Growing up in a musical family and picking up a guitar from an early age, rock has always influenced her love for music. Alex runs her own jewelery business when she’s not engrossed in the world of music.

Writer, design maestro and audio tech mastermind. Kelvin is Upbeat Geek’s audio tech expert. He stays in the loop with the latest product releases, from soundbars right through to earbuds. Kelvin enjoys traveling and concertgoing, and even has a creative career fueled by music! He knows how to uncover the science behind the tech and explain it in ‘me and you’ terms.

Writer, record player and retro music researcher. Emily dives deep into the history of music, and legendary artists and brings their highlights to the Upbeat Geek site for your eyes. Being a regular festival and concertgoer, Emily also writes about the latest music, and soundtracks and loves anything to do with record players. Outside of music research, Emily loves Sunday walks with her dog Lee.