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Top A24 Films: A24’s Finest Collection

Today, we explore a selection of A24's best offerings, highlighting why these films stand out and what makes them some of the best thriller movies and dramatic masterpieces in recent years.

Since its inception, A24 has carved a niche within the film industry, often delivering projects that blend intense narratives with unique artistic vision. From spine-tingling thrillers to profound dramas, each film on this list not only defines its genre but also pushes the boundaries of conventional filmmaking.

Ever wonder what makes A24 films so unique? Dive into our roundup of the top A24 films featuring some of the best thrillers, groundbreaking dramas, and unforgettable narratives. Find out why each film is a must-watch.

#24 The Zone of Interest

Image credit: A24 Films

Set during the horrifying times of the Holocaust, “The Zone of Interest” tells a deeply affecting story that explores complex themes of complicity and the human condition amidst one of history’s darkest chapters. The film stands out for its poignant narrative and ability to engage with difficult moral questions, characteristics that mark many of A24’s critically acclaimed projects. It’s worth watching for those who appreciate films that challenge their perspectives and provoke thoughtful discussion.

#23 First Reformed

Image credit: A24 Films

With “First Reformed,” audiences are drawn into the turbulent world of Reverend Toller, a former military chaplain turned parish pastor, grappling with mounting despair and questions about faith in the face of global catastrophes. Directed by Paul Schrader, this movie is lauded for its intense character study and minimalist approach, making it a prime example of A24’s dedication to supporting bold, auteur-driven, engaging, and provocative films.

#22 Waves

Image credit: A24 Films

Exploring the complexities of an African-American family dealing with love, loss, and forgiveness, “Waves” vibrantly captures the highs and lows of emotional and familial relationships. The movie’s dynamic use of color, sound, and camera movement immerses viewers in the emotional landscapes of its characters, highlighting A24’s commitment to visually and narratively unique cinema that pushes conventional boundaries.

#21 The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Image credit: A24 Films

In “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” Jimmie Fails dreams of reclaiming his family home in a gentrified neighborhood, uncovering layers of personal and communal history. This movie is celebrated for its lyrical storytelling and stunning visual composition, embodying A24’s penchant for films that combine personal narratives with broader social themes, all while delivering breathtaking cinematographic quality.

#20 C’mon C’mon

Image credit: A24 Films

As we follow the journey of a radio journalist who forms a profound bond with his young nephew amidst travels across the U.S. in “C’mon C’mon,” the movie delves deeply into themes of family, connection, and personal growth. Shot in stunning black and white, the movie’s aesthetic complements its introspective and heartfelt narrative, showcasing A24’s ability to craft visually striking films while deeply resonant on a human level.

#19 Close

Image credit: A24 Films

“Close” explores adolescence’s delicate and often painful realities through the story of two boys whose close friendship is tested by societal expectations and personal tragedy. This movie captures the essence of youthful innocence and the harsh intrusions of growing up, framed within beautifully understated cinematography characteristic of A24’s dedication to emotionally rich storytelling.

#18 Hereditary

Image credit: A24 Films

In “Hereditary,” a family grappling with grief uncovers dark secrets that unravel their lives in terrifying ways. Directed by Ari Aster, this horror masterpiece is known for its intense atmosphere and shocking twists, pushing the boundaries of the genre. The film’s exploration of inherited trauma and its powerhouse performances, especially by Toni Collette, exemplify A24’s commitment to thought-provoking and deeply unsettling movies.

#17 Minari

Image credit: A24 Films

“Minari” follows a Korean-American family pursuing their American Dream on an Arkansas farm. This intimate portrayal of family resilience and cultural identity captures the complexities and challenges of starting anew in unfamiliar soil. With its heartfelt performances and tender direction by Lee Isaac Chung, “Minari” highlights A24’s focus on personal, impactful stories that resonate universally.

#16 Midsommar

Image credit: A24 Films

Set against a bizarre Swedish midsummer festival, “Midsommar” weaves a disturbing tale of a relationship disintegrating amidst a community with sinister customs. Ari Aster’s direction ensures that the sunlit terror and unsettling pastoral imagery linger long after the credits roll, making it a standout for its unique approach to horror and A24’s knack for visually distinctive, genre-subverting movies.

#15 Aftersun

Image credit: A24 Films

“Aftersun” tells the story of a father and daughter as they navigate the complexities of their relationship during a holiday that becomes a poignant memory for the daughter in her later years. This debut feature from Charlotte Wells is a masterclass in subtle storytelling and emotional complexity, showcasing A24’s ability to elevate deeply personal narratives into cinematic art that touches on universal themes of memory and connection.

#14 A Most Violent Year

Image credit: A24 Films

Set in 1981, one of the most dangerous years in New York’s history, “A Most Violent Year” is a taut drama that follows an ambitious immigrant striving to maintain his integrity and business amidst rampant crime and corruption. The film’s intense narrative and gritty atmosphere, combined with strong performances by Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain, capture A24’s affinity for stories that delve into complex characters faced with moral dilemmas.

#13 The Farewell

Image credit: A24 Films

“The Farewell” intricately weaves a tale of a Chinese-American family who decides to keep a grave illness from their beloved matriarch. Lulu Wang’s direction offers a tender and humorous look at cultural differences and the universal bond of family, making this film a poignant reflection on love and deception. A24’s backing of this film underscores its commitment to culturally rich narratives that offer both heart and insight.

#12 Iron Claw

Image credit: A24 Films

“Iron Claw” portrays the compelling and tumultuous saga of the Von Erich family, wrestling icons of the early 1980s. This drama captures the thrilling dynamics of professional wrestling and delves deep into the personal and familial struggles that accompany a life under the spotlight. The movie’s potent mix of action and emotion exemplifies A24’s talent for presenting stories that balance real-life depth with spectacular entertainment.

#11 The Florida Project

Image credit: A24 Films

In “The Florida Project,” viewers are drawn into the vibrant and precarious world of a six-year-old girl living with her rebellious mother in a rundown motel near Disney World. The movie masterfully depicts the harsh realities of poverty through the eyes of childhood innocence, offering a stark contrast to the nearby fantasyland. Sean Baker’s direction and authentic performances highlight A24’s dedication to films that spotlight underrepresented voices in beautifully crafted cinematic experiences.

#10 Enemy

Image credit: A24 Films

“Enemy,” directed by Denis Villeneuve, is a mesmerizing psychological thriller about a man who encounters his exact doppelgänger, leading to a complex web of intrigue and identity crisis. The film’s surreal, Kafkaesque atmosphere and Jake Gyllenhaal’s compelling performance make it a standout for exploring the subconscious. A24’s investment in “Enemy” showcases its enthusiasm for supporting uniquely unsettling narratives that challenge viewers’ perceptions.

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#9 Past Lives

Image credit: A24 Films

“Past Lives,” a narrative rich in emotional depth, explores the intersecting lives of three individuals across different continents and the impact of their past connections on their present lives. The movie elegantly captures the nuances of destiny and the enduring nature of first loves, reflecting A24’s commitment to storytelling that resonates with profound themes of love and memory.

#8 Room

Image credit: A24 Films

“Room” is a compelling drama about a young woman and her son who escape from years of captivity and face the challenge of adjusting to the outside world. Brie Larson’s Oscar-winning performance, along with the intense, confined setting, highlights the extraordinary resilience of the human spirit. A24’s involvement in “Room” underscores its focus on delivering narratives combining emotional intensity and critical insight.

#7 The Witch

Image credit: A24 Films

Set in the 1630s in New England, “The Witch” explores the unraveling of a Puritan family’s faith and sanity under mysterious, malevolent forces. With its authentic period detail and unsettling atmosphere, the movie stands out for its horror elements that are as psychologically deep as they are terrifying. A24’s backing of “The Witch” showcases its penchant for films that redefine genre expectations and engage audiences on multiple levels.

#6 Uncut Gems

Image credit: A24 Films

“Uncut Gems” features Adam Sandler in a frenetic, career-defining role as a charismatic New York jeweler making high-stakes bets that could lead to the windfall of a lifetime or his downfall. This movie is a thrill ride of tension and chaos, marked by its pulse-pounding pacing and gritty realism, highlighting A24’s ability to push the limits of cinema to electrifying extremes.

#5 The Lighthouse

Image credit: A24 Films

“The Lighthouse,” directed by Robert Eggers, features Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson as two lighthouse keepers on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s. The movie is celebrated for its stunning black-and-white cinematography and intense, mythic storyline. A24’s “The Lighthouse” production demonstrates its commitment to visionary filmmakers and stories that offer a unique blend of horror and historical drama.

#4 Ex Machina

Image credit: A24 Films

“Ex Machina,” directed by Alex Garland, delves into the complexities of artificial intelligence through the story of a programmer invited to administer a Turing test to an advanced humanoid robot. The film’s sleek design and philosophical depth explore themes of consciousness and ethics, making it a landmark in sci-fi cinema. A24’s engagement with “Ex Machina” highlights its commitment to films that are as intellectually stimulating as they are visually arresting.

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#3 Moonlight

Image credit: A24 Films

“Moonlight” presents a tender, powerful narrative of a young African-American man grappling with his identity and sexuality across three stages of his life. This Oscar-winning masterpiece by Barry Jenkins is known for its deep emotional resonance and beautiful cinematography. The movie’s exploration of themes rarely touched upon in cinema exemplifies A24’s dedication to pushing cinematic boundaries and fostering unique, impactful stories.

#2 Lady Bird

Image credit: A24 Films

“Lady Bird,” directed by Greta Gerwig, is a heartfelt coming-of-age story of a high school senior and her turbulent relationship with her mother. The movie captures the bittersweet moments of adolescence with wit and sensitivity, offering a fresh perspective on the genre. A24’s support of “Lady Bird” showcases its knack for backing distinctive narratives that resonate with a wide audience, earning critical acclaim and admiration.

#1 Everything Everywhere All at Once

Image credit: A24 Films

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” is a wildly inventive exploration of a Chinese-American woman’s attempt to file her taxes, which unexpectedly spirals into a multi-dimensional adventure. This film, directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, combines absurd humor with a deep emotional core, examining themes of family, identity, and existence. A24’s role in bringing this surreal yet profoundly human story to the screen underscores its commitment to innovative, genre-defying cinema that captivates and challenges audiences.

What’s your next watch?

We’ve traversed through various narratives, each uniquely poignant and compelling, from the unsettling depths of “Hereditary” to the vibrant, existential layers of “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” A24’s lineup continues to challenge, entertain, and provoke thought, cementing its reputation for producing some of the best thriller movies.

Whether you’re a die-hard cinephile or a casual movie-goer, A24’s films will surely offer something that captivates and resonates with its choice of fantastic directors. Dive into these cinematic gems and experience the art of storytelling as only A24 can present it. What will be your next A24 film to watch?

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