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Best Movies About Invincible Assassins

Movies about high-grade professional (and fictional) assassins are all the rage, from Denzel's Equalizer to Keanu's John Wick.

These assassins do it all, whether it is swordplay to cut up your rival, shooting up a place just to send a message, or setting things right in the world. We’ve partnered with themoviejunkie.com to come up with a breakdown of fictional assassins in movies and what makes them invincible.

#5 Equalizer

Image credit: Columbia Pictures

Ruthless to a fault, Denzel’s Equalizer has an unassailable sense of justice enforced by years of military training and discipline and his trusty stopwatch. An ex-Navy SEAL and former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) operative who can’t see injustice without stepping in teaches bad people a thing or two about why they need to stop. 

Not only does he walk into a fortified room full of armed Russian Gangsters with the absolute certainty of killing every one of them, but he also sets an accurate time estimate! In part two, Denzel goes on a crusade to find the people who killed his friend Susan from his DIA days. While investigating, he comes across something murkier than expected, making it a showdown for the ages. Part three has Denzel’s Robert McCall take on the Italian Mob all on his own to ensure the safety of his new-found friends. 

Robert McCall’s invincibility as an assassin stems from his overwhelming confidence, honed by decades of combat training and confirmed kills. His unmatched weapons training and urban warfare skills, coupled with expert intelligence gathering, make him a formidable force. McCall’s timed kills, which most assassins can’t execute, add to his lethal efficiency. He has friends in high places, offering high-end reconnaissance and intelligence in seconds, and possibly holds high-security clearance in various US Intelligence Agencies. His resourcefulness in using everyday objects as weapons to kill instantly, along with his ability to tailor kills based on the victim’s deserved pain, further highlight his prowess. McCall’s high levels of pain tolerance, endurance, and control of adrenaline make him seemingly invincible.

#4 The Accountant

Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

One of the few movies where Ben Affleck is a bonafide badass, The Accountant tells the tale of a boy on the autism spectrum who grows up to be an accountant for dangerous people. As the movie plays, you see glimpses of his father training him to face the world that was and is considerably harsher to him due to his neurodivergence.

The contrast between Affleck’s portrayal of Christian Wolff as a quiet and calm person just wanting to do his job, and the extremely efficient assassin ready to defend himself and others makes this a great action-thriller watch.

Some great moments are the training montages in Christian Wolff’s formative years as a child and his takedown of a mob boss and his crew. The kills are super-efficient, more so than John Wick, and get the job done as fast as possible. Also admirable are the investment vehicles he uses to store and transport his wealth at a moment’s notice. 

Christian is an invincible assassin as he derives his strength from his untarnished sense of right and wrong. He cares about people, believes in good and evil, and will never turn evil just to make a quick buck. That and his years of military training and discipline along with impeccable weapons handling and combat skills. 

#3 Bullet Train

Image credit: Columbia Pictures

While this stand-alone movie has a lot of assassins in it, the main character/assassin is played by Brad Pitt whose assassin name is Ladybug.

It has an insane cast of Hollywood’s Who’s Who pitted against each other in a battle of bullets and wit. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry play Tangerine and Lemon, a pair of assassins who supply the bulk of quips and comedy.

However, the action sauce is evenly spread across the cast, from Bad Bunny and Hiroyuki Sanada playing The Wolf and The Elder ( cool names, right? ) to Zazie Beetz and Andrew Koji playing The Hornet and Yuichi Kimura. Going by the badass and dangerous music you’d think the whole movie would be a dark and dreadful affair, but it’s full-on grey ( not pitch-dark ) humor that surprises you every time.

Brad Pitt is invincible as an assassin apart from his physical prowess and combat skills due to his good luck! Even if he seems to have almost bit the bullet, he always bounces back due to some magical twist of fate. 

#2 John Wick

Image credit: Lionsgate

There probably aren’t many people who haven’t heard of John Wick and the love for his dog and wife (not in that order) that drives him to kill in droves. But what sets John Wick apart from your run-of-the-mill revenge-seeker?

Driven by love, John Wick avenges anyone threatening it, making him the best assassin in his universe, much like the Roger Federer of killing. He doesn’t specialize in making his kills look good, focusing on taking down his opponents as quickly as possible. Yet, his efficient methods, such as using a gunshot to hammer a knife into the throat of an armored assassin, end up looking badass anyway. Wick shows mercy to those who repent and aren’t beyond redemption. Simply put, John Wick is just plain cool.

When it comes to Keanu Reeves as an actor, how did he make John Wick so popular? With films like “Speed”, “The Matrix Trilogy”, and “Constantine” under his belt, Keanu Reeves was built for action movies. His extensive martial arts and weapons training make him the Tom Cruise of assassins. Keanu’s effortless action, where he takes hits and keeps going, is a hallmark of his films. Moreover, his genuine kindness in real life mirrors the kind-hearted nature of John Wick, creating a perfect reel-to-real-life symmetry.

#1 Kill Bill

Image credit: Miramax Films

When it comes to assassins, Uma Thurman’s Beatrix Kiddo in the Kill Bill movies takes the cake. She is the terminator of killers with resilience being her main weapon and courage being a close second. This list gives martial arts, weapons, and physical strength.

However, she WAS trained by the great fictional master Pai Mei in various martial arts and gifted a priceless Hattori Hanzo sword that could cut GOD if she encountered them on her path to revenge and glory.

Kiddo’s hand-to-hand combat skills and swordplay are extensive and used in preference over gunplay in Kill Bill. She also makes it a point to use the stealth of a ninja to stake out her opponents and know everything about them. The element of style comes in when Kiddo chooses poetic justice over efficient kills for example, how she disposes of Elle Driver her enemy.

In Tarantino’s Kill Bill, Tarantino is heavily inspired by the legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa and the art stylings of anime and manga. This is probably why the movies feel like a bit of a graphic novel or comic.

Whether it’s Denzel’s “Equalizer”, Affleck’s “Accountant”, or Uma Thurman’s “Kill Bill”, these fictional assassins leave a trail of unforgettable action and sheer invincibility. Ready for more high-octane adventures? Check out our article on awesome space movies. You’ll discover epic tales and thrilling journeys through the cosmos that will leave you starstruck. From classics to modern hits, we’ve got the ultimate guide to satisfy your space movie cravings. Dive into the unknown and explore the best the genre has to offer!

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