How Much Are Vintage Record Players Worth?

Before the era of CDs, MP3s and streaming, the chart show on a Sunday night was the anchor to the week. Whatever song hit number 1 that week was guaranteed to be sold out by noon on Monday in every record store for miles around. 

10 Common Problems With Tonearms

Few things are more frustrating than pulling out your favorite record for an evening jam session, only for the darn thing not to play as you had hoped. While several things can potentially go wrong with a record player, lots of the issues related to playback may be caused by problems with the tonearm.

Impact Of The Beatles – How The Beatles Changed The World

Near enough everyone on this planet has listened to, or at least heard of, the Beatles. During the 1960s, this English rock band heavily influenced many cultural movements, asserting “British dominance” in the industry and encouraging many young people to pursue careers in music.

Top 20 Artists From The 60s

The sixties were a defining decade for the United Kingdom, bringing some much-needed feelings of hope and freedom to a country left bleak from World War II. It was in this decade that many music legends came to life, expressing themselves in a way that had never been done before.

5 Reasons To Start Collecting Vinyl (If You Haven’t Already!)

No matter what language you speak or background you come from, music is something that brings everyone together. Just hearing the opening riff on your favourite song is enough to make all worries melt away, whether it be a live performance or through your headphones.

5 Inspiring Ways To Set-Up Your Record Player

Record player setup with plant

When it comes to playing music on vinyl, the aesthetic is just as important as the sound. Vinyl players aren’t small like radios and phones, meaning to incorporate them into your home, you must create space.