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13 Atmospheric Songs Made For Studio Headphones

Have you ever put your headphones on and heard your favourite tunes in a whole new light? If so, you must be a headphone-lover like us.
Astmospheric music with headphones

There’s no denying that some songs sound 100x better when blasted through headphones. Whether it’s the way they’re produced or the vibe they bring, nothing quite beats popping your headset on to listen.

We love to give you great music to listen to, take the must-see Tiny Desk Concerts. But today, we’re sharing some magic with you, showcasing 13 songs made for headphones. Enjoy!

1. “Paper Trails” – Darkside

If you enjoy listening to the soft rumble of the bass on your headphones, Paper Trails should be at the top of your list. This song is very much bass-heavy; even the vocals sit in the lower frequency range. But, Darkside knew exactly what they were doing when producing this song, and listening via headphones is the best way to experience the mellow atmosphere it brings.

2. “Iron” – Gundelach

You will no doubt benefit from studio headphones with this song. Near enough every song with an 80s retro vibe will sound insane through headphones. Iron by Gundelach is no exception; the song will put you into a tranquil state of mind in seconds.

This song has the right mix of vocals and panning hi-hats, teaming together to create a headphone-worthy bop. If you want five minutes of uninterrupted bliss, this is the song for you.

3. “Speaking Gently” – BadBadNotGood

BadBadNotGood are the epitome of musical masterminds. It’s hard to come across a band that pays as much attention to detail as they do. Speaking Gently is a jam like no other; listening to it just once will make you feel as though you’re sat right in the production studio.

Timing is key with Speaking Gently as, without it, the song could risk sounding dreary. However, this is far from the case, as the percussive instruments complement each other so well. Pop your headphones on to enjoy every instrument in all its glory.

4. “Church” – Alison Wonderland

If you’re after a more pop-focused song, look no further than Church by Alison Wonderland. This song is extremely upbeat and catchy, making it one that you’ll blast on repeat for a good few weeks.

You don’t have to be an EDM lover to enjoy Alison Wonderland, and if you’re new to her music, Church is a great place to start. We can’t get enough of her smooth vocals and sleek bassline.

5. “Wild Monk” – Osamu Kitajima

When you invest in a pair of high-quality headphones, we guarantee that your music taste will diversify. You’ll find yourself seeking for artists with unique talents and unreal instrumentals. This is where Wild Monk by Osamu Kitajima comes into the picture.

Wild Monk was released in 1979 but has recently risen in popularity amongst headphone wearers. This song focuses on the treble to create a funky vibe that you don’t often get on modern-day songs.

6. “Hip Hip Hooray” – Basement Jaxx

Another artist that pays great attention to detail is Basement Jaxx. This electronic duo has long been known for producing sonic sounds, and Hip Hip Hooray ticks all the right boxes.

Instead of focusing on deep bass lines, Hip Hip Hooray utilises intricate guitar strings to deliver a sound that was clearly made for headphone use.

7. “Garden (Say It Like Dat)” – SZA

If you really want to test your headphones’ quality, put Garden (Say It Like Dat) on as soon as possible. This song really challenges the frequencies, exploring all lows, mids and highs. When combined with SZA’s goosebump-worthy voice, it’s a match made in heaven.

8. “Breathe Into Me” – Marian Hill

When listening to songs through headphones, it’s often the bassline that shapes the experience. Breathe Into Me by Marian Hill, however, lets the vocals steal the show.

If a single song on this list is going to give you chills, let it be this one. Your headphones will subtly play the backing bass, letting the vocals of Samatha Gongol capture your heart and take you on a journey.

We highly recommend listening to Breathe Into Me in an environment with no distractions – we can almost guarantee that you’ll zone out (for all the right reasons).

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9. “Paper Moon” – Booka Shade

Paper Moon is another song that will challenge the quality of your headphones. The tempo works like a rollercoaster, delivering musical peaks and troughs to your ears like never before. It’s near impossible not to tap your feet to this funky beat! Be sure to check out the rest of Booka Shade’s collection if you like what you hear.

10. “Maintain” – Erick Sermon

In a time dominated by electronic effects and auto-tune, Erick Sermon stayed true to his roots and produced Maintain. This song proves that, with the right jaw-dropping vocals, such heavy editing is never needed.

This song is one that you’ll want to turn up loud and have on repeat. It’s hip-hop at its finest and has a melody made for headphones.

11. “Fool’s Errand” – Fleet Foxes

When looking for vocals that work on headphones, you need to look for a track that’s produced with mid-frequencies. Mid-frequencies provide a support blanket for lower frequencies, which in turn, allows for clear vocal ranges. Fool’s Errand by Fleet Foxes is a prime example of how to get this right.

This track features breathtaking harmonies and strong vocals by Robin Pecknold. The finished result is one you won’t want to miss.

12. “Lose Your Love” – Joe Goddard

There’s something really exciting about hearing a well-produced song through headphones. If you want to boost this excitement further, listen to Lose Your Love by Joe Goddard.

This upbeat tune will keep you in anticipation for the drop, and when it delivers, it doesn’t disappoint. This is a song that will leave you grinning from ear to ear, hoping for it to never end.

13. “Acid Rain” – Lorn

Speaking of drops, Acid Rain by Lorn is the master of them. When listening to this song on headphones, you’ll feel the drop run through your body, almost as though there’s been an earthquake. This might sound dramatic, but there’s a reason why this is Lorn’s best-selling song.

Stop Reading, Start Listening

There you have it – 13 songs that are most certainly made for headphones, whether it’s studio headphones or the amazing technology of noise-cancelling headphones. We spent a lot of time perfecting this list, ensuring that it had a genre for everyone. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the atmospheric experience.

Emily, a writer and retro music enthusiast at Upbeat Geek, delves into the history of music and pop culture, spotlighting legendary artists and trends. A fixture at festivals and concerts, she brings the latest in music lore to the forefront. Emily’s love for music research is matched by her enjoyment of leisurely Sunday walks with her dog, Lee, reflecting her areas of writing: music and pop culture.

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