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The Most Memorable COLORS Studio Performances

How we access music has changed a lot over the past year. With the live music industry coming to a halt, we all had to find ways to get our performance fix elsewhere. Here at Upbeat Geek, we sought comfort in a YouTube series called “A COLORS Show”.

A COLORS Show is a YouTube series hosted by COLORS Studios. It follows a similar style to our favorite Tiny Desk concerts, in which the artist plays a stripped-down performance in a plain (colored) room. The end result is both mesmerizing and oh-so-addictive to watch.

If you’re new to COLORS performances, knowing where to start can be difficult. There are just too many to choose from! To help, we’ve found the most memorable COLORS performances of all time. Featuring the likes of Billie Eilish and 6LACK, you certainly won’t want to miss out on these.

1. Billie Eilish – idontwannabeyouanymore

Back in 2018, the COLORS studio welcomed Billie Eillish into their mint green abode. The singer chose to perform a mellow version of “idontwannabeyouanymore”, a track taken from her debut EP Don’t Smile At Me.

Although just 17 years old at the time, this COLORS performance proves just how deserving Eilish is of all her success. Dressed in an oversized tracksuit and her very own merch, she looks incredibly comfortable and in the zone.

While this stripped back performance cuts down on Eilish’s iconic stage movements, she still flows in time with the music, confirming that there’s nowhere else she’d rather be.

2. J.I.D – Working Out

Next up on our COLORS hall of fame sits J.I.D. This studio performance was done in a collaboration series with Adidas Football, making it the perfect time for J.I.D to perform his (at the time) new record, “Working Out”.

There’s something about the deep purple studio that adds extra depth to this performance. J.I.D looks very chilled, suiting the sombre vibe of the track. Similarly to Eilish, J.I.D is in the zone, enjoying the music with no distractions from crowds.

3. Daniel Caesar – Best Part

Only Daniel Caesar could make performing with a cup of tea in hand look cool. He looks like he’s just stumbled into the studio after visiting his Grandma!

Jokes aside, this performance is not one to miss. Matching the warm vibes of his outfit and beverage of choice, Caesar performs a stunning rendition of his track “Best Part”. He keeps his eyes shut for the whole performance, focusing on nothing other than the performance at hand. This is one worth having on repeat.


If you weren’t a fan of Joji before, this performance will change everything. Dressed in a gray tracksuit and set in a dark studio, this atmospheric performance of “ATTENTION” will be sure to make you feel something.

The laid-back nature of this performance forces you to focus on the moody lyrics of the song, which was a very clever move made by COLORS and Joji. It puts the song in a whole new light, emphasizing the way it’s meant to make you feel. It’s beautiful.

5. HONNE – Warm On A Cold Night

It’s not always common for artists to bring instruments with them to the COLORS studio, but for HONNE, the extra effort paid off. Performing a mellow version of the best-selling hit “Warm On A Cold Night”, the duo proves that electro-pop works when stripped back, too.

The truth is in the title – this performance will keep you warm on a cold night. It is chilled, it has meaningful lyrics, and it’s memorable. We love it.

6. Jorja Smith – Blue Lights

We’ve seen many renditions of “Blue Lights” over the past few years, but this one is by far our favorite.

Although not too dissimilar from the original track, this COLORS performance sees Jorja Smith in a more relaxed setting, expressing her sleek vocals through important lyrics. The artist looks like she’s exactly where she needs to be, confirming the magic of the COLORS studio.

7. 6LACK – Disconnect

There seems to be a running theme with gloomy backgrounds at the moment! 6LACK was another artist to perform in front of a dark studio, but as soon as you listen to his act, you’ll see why.

This mellow performance of “Disconnect” puts 6LACK in a whole new perspective, showing a toned-down side that the world doesn’t often get to see. The focus of the whole performance is on his amazing vocals, confirming that this American rapper will be around for the long haul.

8. Masego – Navajo

Let’s pick the beat up a bit! If you’ve never listened to Maesgo before, this performance is a good place to start. Defining his genre as “Trap House Jazz”, this artist mixes two amazing areas of music to create something extraordinary.

This song is incredibly catchy and full of good vibes. Just make sure that you hang around to see Masego add comedic value with a mini saxophone. We loved seeing more of his personality shine through here!

9. Aminé – Yellow

A bright yellow studio couldn’t have been more perfect for Animé, who chose to perform his hit single “Yellow” for COLORS. As you might have guessed, this performance is incredibly uplifting, full of catchy beats and joyous dance moves. There’s no other way to describe Animé than as a ray of sunshine!

10. Mick Jenkins – What Am I To Do

We’re ending this roundup just as strongly as we started it. Mick Jenkins took to the mic this time round, performing “What Am I To Do”, a single produced by Kaytranada.

This track covers important topics in a gripping way; you can see just how passionate Jenkins is about the lyrics right from the get-go. The way he grooves in the studio asserts his comfort, proving that COLORS made a good call to get him on board!

What was your favorite performance?

It’s all too easy to binge-watch COLORS performances, but if you’re anything like us, it’s time well spent. We’d be here for hours if we listed every performance we loved, but we hope the ten mentioned in this guide give you a good place to start. Whether it’s new music releases or unmissable performances, we’ve always got you covered.

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