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Does A Turntable Need Speakers?

Turntables with built-in speakers are relatively inexpensive, and if we ignore them, all turntables require separate speakers. A turntable with individual drivers will provide significantly superior sound quality and music listening experience compared to a record player with small built-in speakers. Many people prefer a turntable with separate speakers to a record player with built-in speakers for various reasons.

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If you’re unfamiliar with vinyl records and turntables, you might be wondering if a turntable requires speakers.

Are they better with or without built-in speakers?

Turntables with built-in speakers (record players)

If you want an excellent and entertaining music listening experience, we highly recommended that you purchase the turntable and speakers separately.

There are two basic styles of portable record players with speakers built in. The suitcase design, and the retro/vintage look.

Benefits of a turntable without built-in speakers

They’re adorable, and they’re small enough to tuck anywhere. They also provide an inexpensive means to play vinyl records. Nevertheless, all-in-one record players should be treated as toys rather than high-fidelity reproducers.

A domestic turntable is a device for spinning vinyl records and playing them through loudspeakers. Typically, they retail for less than £100. To get the nostalgic feeling of playing vinyl that includes a chassis, a platter, a motor, a tonearm, a phono cartridge, an amplifier, and two speakers is a cheap way to start.

Drawbacks of a turntable without built-in speakers

The speakers will also have to be tiny to fit inside the chassis. And, because they’re that small, they won’t be able to play music with exciting sound or deep bass. This means the sound quality you get out of it is pretty poor.

The recommended tracking force for an all-in-one record player is usually much too strong. This might be to avoid the needle from jiggling on the record due to vibrations emitted by the built-in speakers. The high tracking force is responsible for the hand digging into your music with considerably more power than suggested, which has been observed to harm records frequently. So if you’re wondering do portable record players ruin vinyl, they can do, but ensure you’re playing with caution.

So, if you’re concerned about sound quality and your records, an all-in-one record player with built-in speakers may be an excellent investment to have, but proceed with caution.

Turntables without built-in speakers

Turntables don’t have built-in speakers. As a result, they must be connected to speakers to play records. The speakers can be powered and include an amplifier. Alternatively, you may use passive speakers and a separate amplifier.

Benefits of a turntable without built-in speakers

If the needle reads the record accurately because there will be no speakers built-in to the cabinet, and therefore fewer vibrations in the cupboard, then sound quality will be considerably more excellent. The needle downforce will not have to be high enough to cause harm to world records.

The parts’ quality will also be much higher in a turntable because no amplifiers and speakers built-in need to be paid for.

Depending on the size and quality of the amplifiers and speakers, you may expect considerably better sound quality.

Overall quality levels will be higher, and you can anticipate fewer problems and issues in terms of quality and functionality. From the vinyl you’re playing to the problems with tonearms, you should stay pretty problem-free with this option.

Drawbacks of a turntable without built-in speakers

The most severe drawback of turntables is that they are more expensive to purchase separately than a record player with built-in speakers. All-in-one record players can be purchased for less than £100, but an entry-level turntable with a set of low-powered speakers costs at least £200. The sound quality will, however, be ten times better.

Another disadvantage of turntables with separate speakers is that they take up more room than a record player since everything is included in one package. It won’t be as portable, either.

Record player or turntable? You choose

Record players and turntables are unique in their own ways. When it comes to whether they need speakers, they have several advantages and disadvantages. If you’re looking for something convenient and inexpensive, a record player might be ideal. However, if sound quality is a priority and money is accessible, a turntable will do the job.

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