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Spotify Hip-Hop Playlists For Every Mood

If you’re looking for non-stop hip-hop tunes that’ll never disappoint you, check out these hip-hop playlists on Spotify.

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find a good playlist. We’re all guilty of spending hours finding some tunes to fit our mood, only to end up with something that doesn’t quite scratch that itch!

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for non-stop hip-hop tunes that’ll never let you down. We’re here to shed some light on some of our favorite Spotify playlists. We’ll even tell you what mood these playlists suit, so you’ll never have to waste time finding the right fit again!

Feeling relaxed? Spilled Ink

We’re starting strong with one of our favorite playlists. Spilled Ink highlights all of the underground artists in the world of rap, combining lyrical and lo-fi beats to create the perfect ambiance. We love putting this playlist on when working or chilling out; it still pleases the rap-lover inside us without being too heavy or loud.

Feeling curious? Mad Decent Weekly

The great thing about listening to a new playlist is that you are always guaranteed to discover some new talent. This is precisely what Mad Decent Weekly has set out to do. After Diplo’s legendary record label, Mad Decent Weekly features up-and-coming artists you might struggle to find elsewhere. While the playlist is predominantly rap-based, the creators throw in other genres to keep you on your toes. Don’t worry, though; each song seamlessly glides into the next.

Feeling energetic? Grime Shutdown

Over the past few years, grime has taken the UK by storm. Artists like Stormzy and Skepta have led the way, creating a foundation for hundreds of other grime artists to stand proud. While grime isn’t taking to the public as quickly in America, we think this playlist might shake things up. Grime Shutdown delivers you the best in grime, making it suitable for those new to the genre.

Feeling adventurous? Pigeons & Planes

P&P (Pigeons & Planes) Weekly is another amazing playlist that’ll provide you with a realm of new artists to enjoy. Every update is put together with extreme care, taking both the artists and listeners into account. No two songs are ever the same and we always get super excited to find the best talent in the industry!

Feeling upbeat? Fool’s Gold Weekly

For the days you’re feeling super upbeat, whack Fool’s Gold Weekly on. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Fool’s Gold is famous for giving artists like The Cool Kids and Kid Cudi a platform, and with this playlist, they’ll continue to lift artists. This playlist puts statistics aside and showcases the very best, raw talent. Whether that’s the best Kanye West songs or new tunes, this playlist will have you covered.

Feeling authentic? Fresh Finds

Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” playlist has been around for quite some time, highlighting the best independent artists from any genre. This is where its brother, Fresh Finds: Fire Emoji, came from. Instead of focusing on all genres, the Fire Emoji version showcases fresh hip-hop talent that hasn’t yet been signed to a label. This is perfect if you want to attend cheap gigs with smaller audiences. Get in there before they undoubtedly become famous!

Feeling motivated? Rap Workout

Get ready to turn up the intensity with the Rap Workout playlist. This power-packed collection is designed to fuel your workouts with high-energy beats and fiery rhymes that keep your adrenaline pumping. From hard-hitting tracks by DMX to motivating anthems from Kendrick Lamar, each song is picked to enhance your performance and keep you motivated from warm-up to cool-down. Whether you’re hitting the weights or running the track, this playlist ensures your energy levels are as high as your ambitions.

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Decisions, decisions!

You probably came to this guide with nothing to listen to. Now, you’ve got too many choices! While we recommend giving all these playlists a go, select the one that fits your mood, pop your headphones on, and enjoy! With new tunes updated (mostly) weekly, you’ll never find yourself short on hip-hop songs again.

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