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Best Drake Albums – All 13 Ranked

To celebrate his achievements (and setbacks), here’s the best Drake albums to listen to, accompanied with the best songs on each.

Since launching his first mixtape in 2006, Aubrey Graham (most commonly known as Drake) has gone from strength to strength. His victories include having the most top-ten hits and holding the most entries in the Hot 100 charts. He’s quite literally everywhere.

With almost two decades and several albums in his stride, someone will always have something to say about Drake. Whether good or bad, his name alone is enough to spark a long conversation.

Whether you’re a fan of the artist or not, Drake’s career is full of memorable moments. To celebrate his achievements (and setbacks), here are the best Drake albums accompanied by the best songs.

The best Drake albums

We’ve ranked these albums from best to worst so that you can hit the ground running!

#1 Take Care (2011)

Take Care is the album that truly defined Drake. Some of his most standout hits usually stem from this album. Featuring some of the best rap tracks from the 2010s, like Marvin’s Room and The Motto, Take Care fills us with nostalgia throughout every listening session. Throughout the album, Drake throws his emotions on the table, adding a new level of vulnerability to his persona.

Top songs from Take Care

  • Take Care
  • Marvins Room
  • The Motto

#2 Nothing Was The Same (2013)

The first single to be released for Nothing Was The Same was “Started From The Bottom”, which is already enough ammo to secure second place in these rankings. Dropping at the beginning of 2013, this single release was enough to generate hype for the album that was released in September. Although the album lacks in production, it makes up for in cohesion.

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Top songs from Nothing Was The Same

  • Started From The Bottom
  • Hold On (We’re Going Home)
  • From Time

#3 If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (2015)

If you’re a fan of Drake for his incredible writing skills, you’ll be a huge fan of If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (IYRTITL). Each song cleverly transitions into the next and, no matter whether you listen in order or on shuffle, the listening experience is just as phenomenal. We highly recommend putting “Know Yourself” on full blast to enjoy non-stop hooks and amazing lyrics.

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Top songs from If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

  • Energy
  • Legend
  • Know Yourself

#4 So Far Gone (2009)

Most diehard Drake fans will tell you that So Far Gone is the mixtape that got Drake’s name out there. Featuring songs like “Best I Ever Had” and “Uptown”, a lot of the tracks on this album are mentioned when talking about the “old” Drake. So Far Gone features elements of rap, pop, electro and funk. All the good stuff!

Top songs from So Far Gone

  • Best I Ever Had
  • Uptown
  • Houstatlantavegas

#5 More Life (2017)

More Life has 22 tracks, making it Drake’s longest album to date. With so many tracks to listen to, it’s no surprise that this album covers a diverse set of tunes. From his rapping right through to his singing, a lot of pop hits came from this album. “Passionfruit” is still played in clubs all over the world, even five years after its release.

Top songs from More Life

  • Passionfruit
  • Fake Love
  • Portland

#6 Views (2016)

Views received a lot of criticism upon its release, mainly because Drake built up a lot of hype for the album for around two years. In fact, he kept fans waiting for so long that he had to drop two separate projects to keep the suspense in motion. Throughout the 20 songs featured on Views, all are definitely catchy but not remarkable. However, it did make 2016 a bit sweeter for new music.

Top songs from Views

  • One Dance
  • Too Good
  • Hotline Bling

#7 Scorpion (2018)

A lot of people think that Scorpion was a rushed release in an attempt to make up for Views. We’re not sure we agree, but the release sparked a new conversation. Scorpion’s energy was very different to Views, showcasing Drake’s newfound cocky personality and ability to appeal to millennials. From “God’s Plan” to “Nice For What”, this album has banger after banger.

Top songs from Scorpion

  • God’s Plan
  • In My Feelings
  • Nice For What

#8 Thank Me Later (2010)

Thank Me Later emphasizes Drake’s new self-assured nature even more so. If you’re a fan of Drake for his rap, then this isn’t the album for you. If you like him for his pop, however, then you’ll probably love it. While Thank Me Later feels like Drake is still finding his talent and experimenting with different sounds, it still features one of the best rap songs in the 2010s, “Best I Ever Had”. The album might not be very cohesive, but it’s still art.

Top songs from Thank Me Later

  • Best I Ever Had
  • Over
  • Up All Night

#9 What A Time To Be Alive (2015)

What A Time To Be Alive was a surprise collaboration between two of the best hip-hop artists, Future and Drake. It stemmed from the artists having “too many feelings about too many strippers”. Each to their own… This weirdly timed album release came after a six-day stint in the recording studio. We quite like that the artists took a spontaneous approach to this work. While no tracks on the album will go down in rap history as the artist’s greatest creations, it was still a collab worth hyping over.

Top songs from What A Time To Be Alive

  • Jumpman
  • Big Rings
  • Diamonds Dancing

#10 Certified Lover Boy (2021) 

The wait for Certified Lover Boy felt a hell of a lot longer than three years. No thanks to the pandemic, a feud with Kanye West, and a knee injury, we felt a lot of suspense for this album. Although the wait for this album completely smashed all records and shot up the charts, we still felt it didn’t meet as many expectations.

Top songs from Certified Lover Boy

  • Knife Talk
  • Way 2 Sexy
  • Fair Trade

#11 Dark Lane Demo Tapes (2020)

Dark Lane Demo Tapes is a collection of leaks, SoundCloud creations and “new vibes”, as quoted by the man himself. This album features 14 tracks full of experimental fun, teaming together everything the artist has learned throughout his career. It’s not our favorite Drake production, but we still appreciate the journey it takes listeners on.

Top songs from Dark Lane Demo Tapes

  • Toosie Slide
  • Chicago Freestyle
  • Time Flies

#12 Comeback Season (2007)

Comeback Season was Drake’s second mixtape, released shortly after his debut. We’re not sure this is much of a comeback in terms of sound, but it’s clear to see that Drake was trying to tap into a heavier market with this release. No matter your views on Comeback Season, it was still enough to dominate Drake as a leader in the rap industry.

Top songs from Comeback Season

  • Replacement Girl
  • City Is Mine
  • Must Hate Money

#13 Room For Improvement (2006)

Our least favorite Drake album is ironically titled Room For Improvement. In a way, we respect Drake for criticizing his work and naming the album after how he feels about it. Released in 2006, Drake was still trying to find his place in the music industry during this time. It’s crazy to see how far he has come.

Top songs from Room For Improvement

  • Make Things Right
  • Come Winter
  • Try Harder

While these ranks are merely personal opinions, we’d be keen to see if you agree or would swap some albums around. What’s your favorite and least favorite Drake album? Which of his songs was a defining moment for you?

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